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About Us

Happy Mondays is all about making a difference in children’s lives. Located at the intersection of community and life, Happy Mondays is a life-affirming journey that builds on the richness and power of lifelong values. Our goal is to provide young people with the values and skills they need to become exceptional community leaders.

Get Involved!

We believe that today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow.

As an ongoing mission to empower our community’s youth, Happy Mondays provides a nurturing environment for children to reach and fulfill their potential. We believe that all boys and girls should have a safe space where they can act like kids and grow up at the same time. Join us today to see how you can get involved.

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Performing Art Class

Our Values

Happy Mondays aims to prepare young people in making the best life choices for themselves, their families and their communities. Our aim is to create a long lasting and positive impact on all of the community’s youth through our wide range of enrichment programs. We value honesty, respect, and responsibility - and go above and beyond to instill these values into the minds of our community’s youth.

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